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Zoom Aerialist Tube Silver Rubber

Aerialist Tube Silver Rubber

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This Leather or Rubber bracelet makes one of the most eye-catching designs you've ever seen. It is both stylish and comfortable and perfectly suited to everyday wear. It is the perfect gift option to personalize for a special someone. Match it and use it as a unique relationship symbol.

Metal: Stainless Steel 316L
Cord options: 100% Genuine Leather or Rubber

Cord thickness: 3mm

Aerialist Tube Silver Rubber



What's the grade of the metal?

We use Stainless Steel 316L. It is the industrial grade of stainless steel commonly called "MARINE GRADE STEEL" because its composition includes 2-3% molybdenum which prevents the appearance of corrosion and improves its resistance (hardness), malleability and excellent weldability, which is totally hypoallergenic being the grade of steel required by the FDA for the manufacture of surgical tools, filters, food processors, as well as for the manufacture of any product that involves direct contact with metal that can harm or endanger public health, very different from the new 200 series steels that Asian labor has made so popular in costume jewelry and that today flood the informal markets by reducing manufacturing costs by at least 50% as a result of mixing Nickel with chromium and magnesium, an alloy that they correct with copper and nitrogen to provide the pieces with an aesthetic finish very similar to 316L but with a very great risk of harming the health of consumers.

Is this made with genuine leather?

For each collection, the Babochka by Maritere Rodriguez brand designs different and exclusive cords that are manufactured with the most recognized international manufacturers under specific requirements of color, thickness, braiding and optimum quality in all its different materials, such as 100% GENUINE LEATHER, high resistance Nylon cords "PARACORD", industrial quality RUBBER or rubber cord and CABLE in stainless steel threads braided with plastic coating, so they have the characteristic of being hypoallergenic, flexible and very resistant.


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